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A WebQuest for 3rd ESO (Geography)

Designed by

Maribel Iglesias. IES Francisco Asorey. Cambados

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The European Union (EU) was formally established in 1993 (although the organizing body that constitutes the European Union had existed since 1950) and currently it has 27 countries involved. The EU seeks to establish European citizenship; ensure freedom, security, and justice; promote economic and social progress; and assert Europe 's role in the world.

Imagine that you live in an small european country called Cambadia, that are considering to join the EU. You work in an important consulting enterprise. Cambadia's President, Mr. Louis Aragund signed a contract with your enterprise to make an extense report about advantages and disadvantages of joining the EU for your country.

You will have to work in groups of three people: a historian, an economist and an environmentalist.

The Task

The class is the team that will have to do this big report.

You will have to work in groups of three people: a historian, an economist and an environmentalist. First of all you should know quite well what the EU is, How and when it was created ?, members, its economy and geography ... With this information you will have to write a report with the advantages and disadvantages of joining the EU, giving an answer to this question: Should your country join the EU? and justify it.


1- First of all you should gather information about the EU: its geography, its history, the ecomomy, government structure...

For each role, the information you collect should include:


The european currency: the euro

Infrastructure, industry, and natural resources of the EU



Flag and anthem , meaning of these symbols

What happened before the EU


the main treaties: Rome, Single European Act, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Niza and Lisbon.

Government structure


Physical geography: relief and climate



Different levels of development: east and west Europe

You may, of course, explore other topics of interest.

2-Design a PowerPoint presentation with maps, extracts from texts, photographs, videos, statistics... that summarize all the information that you have found.

3- Write a final report with the advantages and disadvantages of joining the EU. And give an answer to this question Should our country join the EU? justify it.

4- Each group will have to explain its final report to the other groups.

Resources Needed

The official site of The European Union

Council of the European Union

European Central Bank


Other websites:

The History of the European Union. Wikipedia

The European Union. Wikipedia

Deustche welle


Now you know more about the European Union, you are able to appreciate what it meant in Europe's history and the problems it has now , and maybe you can contribute towards solving them. The EU was a great idea, it kept war away from Europe for 50 years but it needs to be improved in many ways. And you, as European citizens of the 21st century, should participate in it.

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